Copts: Ousted President Morsi sought terrorist support

Judges at the up-coming trial of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will be presented with tapes proving that he held secret negotiations with al-Qaeda leader Aymen al-Zawahiri and promised to turn Egypt into a sharia state, says Coptic website.  

As reported by the normally well-informed website Voice of the Copts, recordings of phone conversations between now deposed President Mohammed Morsi and the al-Qaeda top leader Aymen al-Zawahiri prove that Morsi sought al-Qaeda support. Morsi asked for understanding that he could not impose a Taleban model of government until a more appropriate time. As proof of his good will towards al-Qaeda, Morsi agreed to immediately release five thousand jailed jihadis including al-Zawahiris brother Mohammed and enforce sharia law. Parts of the content have already been leaked.

The recordings, which were made by Egyptian intelligence, will be presented when Mohammed Morsi trial resumes on January 8. Morsi and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders stand accused of having ordered the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in 2012.

Morsi is also charged with having attempted to set up a private army as an alternative to the official Egyptian military, accepting foreign financial aid against the interests of Egypt, protecting terrorists from prosecution, using jihadis to create chaos during pro-democracy demonstrations and urging all jihadis everywhere to help us fight opposition in the streets and preserve his presidency. He is further accused of having handed the Sinai Peninsula to de facto terrorist control.


Opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood also claim to have evidence that Qatar made a private deal with the Brotherhood to lease the Pyramids and the Sphinx for billions of dollars placing these historical monuments in jeopardy.

Within the first month Morsis term as president, all jihadis jailed by formed president Hosni Mubarak were released.

If found guilty of conspiring with foreign entities against the welfare of the Egyptian state, Morsi could face the death penalty.


According to the Voice of the Copts, evidence from Morsis trial is likely to incriminate other parties including the U.S. administration of Barack Obama and the European Union in addition to several Arab states such as Qatar, Tunisia and Sudan unless backroom deals are brokered to suppress the evidence.

According to unverified claims, reported by the Voice of the Copts, the Obama administration gave $8 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood and a delegation of U.S. senators have tried to pressure the Egyptian interim government to reinstate Morsi as president. It is also reported that European Union representative Catherine Ashton pleaded for Morsis release and reinstatement and, failing this, requested Morsis leave with asylum status.

It is a matter of record that prior to her visit in Egypt in July after the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood government Lady Ashton called for a fully inclusive transition process, taking in all political groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Obama administration widely seen as having paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt has signaled its displeasure with Mohammed Morsis ouster on July 3 by suspending most of its $1.3 billion military aid to Egypt and withholding $260 million in budget support to the government.

Egyptian authorities reacted angrily to the U.S. aid suspension, declaring it a new low point in US-Egyptian relations. During his November 3 visit to Egypt, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was keen to stress that the suspension of military aid was not a punishment. There is, however, no doubt that the powerful Egyptian military and the interim government see it that way.

It was perhaps no coincidence that John Kerrys visit took place one day before the now postponed trial of Mohammed Morsi was to begin