EDITORIAL: When will we have our first murder?

Hate and violence are constantly around us in Sweden. Peaceful book signings, demonstrations and meetings are always attacked by violent left extremists, who make no bones about their desire for violence.

But finally the police seem to be paying attention. Spokeswoman for the Stockholm police Towe Hägg explains to the daily Expressen:

We will have to get on top of illegal demonstrations. For a start we have to find out who is behind this incident [the cake throwing against Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson, ed.], which we consider an illegal demonstration.


It is totally intolerable that one cannot hold peaceful meetings in Sweden without fearing for ones life if the violent left doesnt like the content. That has been going on for far too long and given the extremists the impression that they have the right to demonstrate without permission and to assail those they disagree with. While the police mostly look on and refer to the leftists right of assembly.

Here I have described what this madness leads to.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman has sharply criticized the police:

To allow counterdemonstrators to more or less systematically prevent their opponents from expressing their views at public meetings is not acceptable in a democracy.


But worst of all is the fact that the media are inciting this violence and giving bullies the feeling that they are fulfilling an important and state-sanctioned task. This morning Swedish radio interviewed the Sweden Democrats party secretary Björn Söder about the cream cake attack on party leader Jimmie Åkesson. The reporter didnt appear overly worried about the violence but asked an insinuating question:

Do you see any connection between your policies and the threats and attacks against you?

In other words, the Sweden Democrats only have themselves to blame for the attacks.


One can no longer close ones eyes to the fact that Swedens democracy has turned into a democrature. Wikipedia gives this description of the phenomenon:

Democrature denotes a society that is a democracy on the outside i.e., nominally but in practice lacks real and comprehensive freedom of expression, lacks the possibility for dissident groups to express themselves on equal terms, lacks a fully just legal system (where laws and regulations are applied unequally depending on what political camp or collective one belongs to), where one risks loosing ones job because of ones opinions, where members of dissident groups risk being subjected to violence from political opponents (and where the state turns a blind eye). A further characteristic of a democrature is that the laws are not adhered to (by the state itself).


All of this holds true for Sweden. Free speech is severely limited for dissidents. The judiciary rarely lifts a finger to bring the culprits to justice.

Recently the daily Aftonbladet called a director at Eriksson to inform him that one of his employees had donated money to the critical website Avpixlat. The intention was of course to get him fired. That we live in a country where not even the state obeys its own laws became painfully clear when parliament passed a law granting illegal immigrants health and dental care for the tiny sum of 50 kroner, about $10, while Swedes have to accept rotting teeth for lack of money and the sick cannot afford their medicine.


The cream cake attack on Åkesson proves that not even the security police, Säpo, take their job of protecting the Sweden Democrat leader seriously. When a fanatical mob stands outside and screams that it wants to throw shit on Åkesson, it should have been removed from the spot. Instead a woman was allowed to come so close to the party leader that she could throw a cake in his face.

The obvious question is therefore: When will we see the first murder of a Swedish dissident?