protects its readers

Readers of Dispatch International have undoubtedly wondered why we have recently lowered our subscription price. The explanation is simple: In order to get more subscribers so that we might hope to eventually cross the threshold where we might obtain Press support.

We no longer believe that is achievable for the simple reason that many people are obviously too frightened to take out a subscription. And for good reason.


We have recently seen what happened to our media colleague Avpixlat: Swedens unfortunately largest newspaper the hard-left and totalitarian Aftonbladet has somehow gained access to information on individuals who have donated money to Avpixlat and proceeded to call their places of work. We have no doubt that this vicious and antidemocratic deed has already cost many their livelihoods in addition to friends and family and we fear that their physical security may also be endangered.

For what would prevent an outfit like Aftonbladet, that openly brags about its fascist methods, from giving its names to the stormtroopers from the so-called Anti-Fascist Action who wouldnt hesitate to be beat up their enemies and wreck their homes? They have done so before.

Dispatch International is determined to protect our subscribers and donors from a similar fate.

We have all the more reason to take immediate action as we are right now under a massive hacker attack of the type called brute force, which means that thousands of computers are constantly bombarding our site in order to penetrate our security codes.

We are certain that the real objective is to gain access to our list of subscribers and donors in order to give them the same treatment that Aftonbladet and its co-conspirators have meted out to Avpixlat.


They might as well save themselves the trouble. We have removed all sensitive information from our computers and stored it at a place that cannot be accessed.

We have also, effective immediately, given up our subscription system. From now on everything at Dispatch International is free and you dont need a login to get it.

We trust that our subscribers will understand why we have taken this action.


This means, of course, that we will get no more income from subscriptions. But we would rather forego that money than putting our subscribers in peril.

To survive we will need donations large or small from all of you who like our newspaper and want to see it continuing. And we urge you to send us contributions.

If you live outside Sweden, please use our Danish bank account:

IBAN: DK3030000011147755


Rest assured that we will not keep records of our donors in places where the likes of Aftonbladet or its left fascist friends can get at them.


We have also with immediate effect stopped using PayPal for our transactions. We dont know by what means Aftonbladet has got hold of Avpixlats supporters. It may have been done by breaking into its offices, by hacking its computers or somebody at PayPal may have lent a hand.

We may never find out for we doubt that the Swedish police will investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. Sweden is no longer that kind of a state.

About a year ago we reported to the Swedish police that our website was being hacked and that some of the attacks came from servers belonging to major Swedish media. We had their ip-addresses but after months of investigation the police informed us that it was impossible to find out who were responsible.


We mention PayPal because it has recently threatened Dispatch International with closing our account and freeze our assets for months unless we removed so-called racist, hateful and bad content from our site. They also wanted us to promise never to write anything bad in future. We informed PayPal not much of a pal there that Dispatch International does not post anything bad and that there is consequently nothing to remove. We also let them know that we were not about to subject ourselves to censorship by anyone and least of all by an outfit that listens to wild and unfounded accusations by the fascist left.

We cannot go on this way. After the attempt on Chief Editor Lars Hedegaards life and serious hacker attacks, we have spent enormous sums to safeguard the security of our employees and our website. This has cost us much more than we have received from paid subscriptions.

So there we are. Dispatch International carries on as a free newspaper and we rely on our readers to make that possible.

A good way to do this is to buy one or more Honest Press Certificates. We have lowered the price to SEK 1000 (DKK 850, 115). Order via [email protected] or by a letter to Dispatch Filial, Box 4203, 203 13 Malmö.


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