CHRONICLE: The EU aims to eradicate free speech

The EU European framework national statute for the promotion of tolerance intends to stamp out free speech. This is not an inflammatory statement but its the truth.


The fact is that the progressive majority in the EU apparatus has a very different mentality regarding what tolerance means when compared to most people. For most people, tolerance means merely accepting the existence of another person, another idea or another way of life without attempting to stamp it out. For the EU and progressives, tolerance means absolute love, kowtowing and even dropping ones own opinion in favor of a tolerated group or idea.


In other words, its not enough to tolerate the existence of, lets say, feminists who laud the burqa as an expression of choice. One must also pay tribute to them and their queer expressions of empowerment even though this means throwing reality, logic and common sense out the window. If one doesnt elevate feminists, or, heaven forbid, dares criticize them, one may be deemed an anti-feminist by the EU and subjected to severe penalties including jail.

This piece of legislation defines ridicule as group libel, a very dangerous slippery slope designating feminists (that is the people adhering to the ideology called feminism) as a protected group.

Soon it may become a crime to taunt feminists who defend the burqa or turn a blind eye to the supremacist ideology of Islam, while claiming to stand for womens liberation. It is like Fredrik Malmberg, Swedens child ombudsman being convicted of religious intolerance for his recent statement that child circumcision is wrong.


Taking this point to its logical conclusion, venues such as Dispatch International would be rendered de facto illegal for its refusal to fawn over to the religion of peace or generally speaking the truth.

But perhaps the most frightening part of the EU document is Section 7b, which states that juveniles convicted of crimes of intolerance are required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance. In other words, if a 14-year-old boy disagrees with the wisdom coming from ROKS, the Swedish organization for battered women, such as all dads are pedophiles or if he disagrees that his female classmates ought to wear a veil, the powers that be must put him through a rehabilitation program where he will learn toleration, or else.


To make things worse, Section 8 of the EU document demands that the culture of tolerance be shoved down the throats of everyone, starting with children in elementary school.

This is no different from what took place behind the Iron Curtain in the days of the Marxist-Leninist dictatorship. The USSR had its own rehabilitation programs for people who disagreed with the Marxist perspective. Such people were considered mentally deranged for disagreeing with scientific socialism. The same seems to be prepared by the EU. If one disagrees with feminism or certain religions, one must be a bigot, a Nazi or generally lacking the culture of tolerance.


The equalization of dissent and intolerance is not accidental. The USSR also confused dissenting opinions with being an enemy of the people. Its a common feature of any totalitarian establishment.

Many people dont perceive the EU as totalitarian but how else should the EU be labeled when it proposes binding measures for the citizens of 28 countries without even asking the people? The only good news is that this piece of legislation will not be voted on by the current European Parliament but will be left to the next parliament elected in May 2014. This also means that if one is really interested in protecting the free exchange of ideas, this will be a great chance to act.


Free speech is far more important than the hurt feelings of certain individuals. Free speech is the cornerstones of European civilization and nobody should have the right to limit it, just like nobody should have the right to limit the intake of air. The free exchange of ideas is beyond political opinion and it is the reason why our civilization has flourished.

The 28 countries that comprise the European Union are very different regarding customs, language or culture, but if there is anything that should unite them, it is the belief in everyones right to speak their mind.

It is time to act. Write to your the government and demand that they protect freedom of speech. You may quote Salman Rushdie:

Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.

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