CHRONICLE: Multicultural enthusiasts make me long for a puppet show

I dont really know why I went there but the other day I listened to a luncheon conversation between former EU Commissioner Margot Wallström and Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag in Malmö. Next time I will choose a puppet show.


The event was entitled Tolerance and openness why should enterprises care? Even before it started, I had grave forebodings about where the audiences sympathies lay. Most looked like well-paid civil servants or business executives.


For reasons I didnt comprehend, the meeting started with a young man reading something from a novel that had nothing to do with the subject. That took ten minutes out of the scheduled hour.


Next a young woman gave a talk about the generation of the future whose main task apparently was to take care of immigrants and ease their way into the job market. That took an extra five minutes.


Then Luciano Astudillo, former Social Democratic MP with roots in Chile, said some words that I have already forgotten. He appears to have devoted his life to transforming his new homeland Sweden into a multicultural melting pot.


The last time I saw him was at Gustav Adolfs Square in Malmö during a manifestation against the shooting attacks on the citys streets that were in vogue at the time. Astudillo was among the organizers of the demonstration in other words he was demonstrating against the violence that he and other multiculturalists had brought about themselves.


With less than 45 minutes left, Margot Wallström and Erik Ullenhag finally got around to their conversation. Their main objective was to convince private enterprise that immigrants constitute a vast resource. They agreed that companies with a stake in foreign trade might derive great advantage if they hired immigrants with knowledge of their home countries. Ullenhag pointed to a bank in provincial Skövde that has provided internships for a few Somalis and it appeared to have been a great success.
Margot Wallström praised Ullenhag for moving his department to the Muslim ghetto of Rosengaard in Malmö and said that when she was minister, she had moved her office from Stockholm to Karlstad. I dont understand what is so great about Ullenhag devoting a small bit of his time to Rosengaards inhabitants.


When the meeting was over, I got hold of a woman from Ullenhags staff, who told me that the minister would be present at Folkets Hus [The Peoples Hall] in Rosengaard the next day between 4:30 and 6 P.M. In other words for an hour and a half.


Anyone can imagine what chance there is for a sensible conversation during this limited time. All of Ullenhags talk of getting to know Rosengaard and the people living there seems to me nothing but bullshit.

If Ullenhag had any real intention of moving, he would of course have settled at, e.g., Bennets väg in the middle of the ghetto. For at least a month, he would have lived in a two-room apartment and made do with what Swedish pensioners get per month. But of course the minister chose to live at a hotel in central Malmö


Then Wallström and Ullenhag served us with comparisons between Malmö and New York and said that they much preferred to live in a multicultural city because its so exiting! They forgot to mention whats so exiting about it. Robberies, physical attacks or gun battles in open daylight in the middle of the street? They didnt tell.


The most exiting incidence was when Nils-Erik Hennix from Hässleholm, convicted of hets mot folkgrupp (incitement against a group of people) stood up in the audience and said: How dare you come here and advocate the current policy now that violence is taking over the entire society? Just look at Gothenburg.


He also tried to say something about the so-called unaccompanied refugee children, but didnt get far before large parts of the audience shouted him down with boohs and calls of shut up.


Whereupon another man stood up and reported that he was working with unaccompanied refugee children and how rewarding it was and how thankful he was and that more ought to do it. This evoked thundering applause and praise from Ullenhag and Wallström.

As I see it, these people were applauding the demise of their own country. They were cheering the violent multicultural society their own children and grandchildren have to grow up in where there is an imminent risk that brutality, oppression of women and Islam, with all that implies of chaos and terror, will dominate. Precisely as in the countries from where the so-called refugees come.


When I heard the boohs and the cheers, I thought though Im not at all religious: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.


The question is whether their descendants will forgive them and all the others who have let this happen to Sweden. Those who have been passively looking on or just clenched their fists in their pockets while their country was being given away to people from the most  primitive cultures to be found on this earth.
I wouldnt encourage anyone to attend meetings where multicultural enthusiasts pretend to debate each other. Its a waste of time as there is no free speech and nobody else gets to chance to present his case. I was an idiot to go there and this will be the last time.

I would rather watch a puppet show!
Sandor Herold