Editorial:The right madman

The election in Iran assuming it can be considered an honest election of mullah Hassan Rowhani for Iranian president has led to jubilant comments in the West. Rowhani is portrayed as moderate, cooperative and compromising a man with whom the West can do business.

In todays newspaper, Andrew Bostom details Rowhanis bloodstained past. Would you buy a used car from this man?

For decades the Iranian mullahcracy has succeeded in convincing Western leaders and the Western public that deep ideological differences exist within the regime. One person after another has been brought to the front as a moderate and a hope for a civilized development within the fundamentally bloodthirsty theocracy.

While the West has been discussing whether we should bet on one mullah or Muhammed-follower in preference to another, the regime has kept developing its nuclear weapons and delivery technology undisturbed, and soon Tehran will be in a position to launch mortal strikes against their Sunni Muslim opponents in the region, against the Jews in Israel and the infidels in Europe.

Over and again, it has been predicted that Israel with or without U.S. support would intervene with military force to crush Irans nuclear ambitions. Nothing has come of that so far. Let us believe it when it happens.

But what we can know with certainty is that once the Iranian madmen have nuclear weapons, they will possess a means of deterrence that, just like the rockets in the cannibal state of North Korea, will make them invulnerable, as no outside power will dare challenge them.

At no point since the 1979 revolution by Ayatollah Khomeini have the Iranian priesthood tried to conceal their final aim global Shia rule.

As ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared in 1979: We shall export our revolution to the whole world. Until the cry There is no god but Allah resounds over the whole world.

Nobody can be thinking like that, we say in the West. No one can be as mad as that. There must be sensible and pragmatic figures within the regime, with whom we can reach an understanding.

That is exactly what Western leaders said about Hitler during the 1930s. Yes, he had detailed his plans in Mein Kampf, but he could not possibly be serious when proclaiming that he meant to obtain Lebensraum to the east, cleanse the Aryan race of Jewish pollution, and introduce a totalitarian rule based on nutty racist theories. No one can be as mad as that.

But he could, and so can the Iranian mullahcracy.

The Iranian theocracys objective is to find a figurehead who can deceive the West in order that we forget what their real aims are.

Mullah Hassan Rowhani has a partly Western education including a doctorate in law from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland and seems perfectly fit to keep the West distracted with idle talk, up until the day when the holy men in Iran have acquired usable nuclear weapons and have it their way.


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