Editorial:The magic of words

It has caused some discontent even among some friends of Dispatch International that we had a headline using the word inbreeding in the context of persons of a Muslim cultural background .

This is strange, for the word is frequently used when applied to all other kinds of groups even in politically correct media.

In the serious Danish technical weekly Ingeniøren, a writer asked, in May 2011: Why does inbreeding give rise to degenerate children?

Under the headline Darwin, inbreeding and infant mortality, the Danish popular science web page Videnskab.dk (June 22nd 2012) pondered the fact that Charles Darwin, who had actually pointed out the damaging effects of inbreeding, had himself married his first cousin.

In the Danish popular science magazine Illustreret Videnskab (issue 10 / 2007), a reader asks: Is it a scientific fact that inbreeding may lead to diseases and disabilities, and if so, why? And Illustreret Videnskab responds: Inbreeding is certainly very harmful. When close relatives have children, there is an increased risk that the children will have problems with hereditary diseases. Inbreeding can cause malformations or mental handicaps, including learning disabilities.

Do we need more examples? On the web page of the conservative Danish daily B.T., dated September 28th 2012, you can read the headline: Inbreeding among immigrants costs millions. The concept inbreeding among humans has, in the latest few years, also been used by the Danish dailies Berlingske Tidende, Information, and even in the flagship for political correctness in Denmark, Politiken.

But when Dispatch International uses it in context with Muslims, it is considered ugly.

How are we to interpret that?

The commotion must be considered yet another expression of the verbal magic that is gaining an increasing foothold in the Western societies. By means of linguistic incantations, one tries to assert away problems to which one has no solution.

Integrating Muslims has rarely been accomplished, but one does not want to hear about that. Thus the word Muslims is avoided, using instead words such as immigrants, youth, bilingual, of other ethnic origin. In England, they are termed Asians, as if there were any problems with people from China, Vietnam, Tibet or Sri Lanka.

And while one seeks comfort in soothing euphemisms, the problems are permitted to grow.

Germand Gladensvend is the title of a Danish folk song dating from Medieval times. Before he was born, the parents of Germand the king and the queen had pledged him to a troll. In an attempt to avert the evil destiny that the child was facing, the mother gave him the name Gladensvend, meaning the happy guy. But destiny was stronger. As he turned 15, the troll chopped him into pieces. Only his hand was found.

What are we doing to children when we permit inbreeding to perpetuate itself, generation after generation? How can we defend consigning these innocents to their dismal fate. And just how cowardly are we, when we do not even dare talk about it?

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