The Swedish intifada

The night after four police officers were injured one of them badly abused in the Stockholm suburb of Husby a spokesman for the local police on television permits a Muslim to accuse the police of murder, without contradicting him.

The police spokesman comes across as nervous, insecure and apologetic, while the young Muslim, who does not want to distance himself from the rioting, is confident and aware that he has the situation under control.

Rather than stating that Swedish police naturally do not commit murder, the spokesman meekly states that the case will be investigated. And to be sure, the police have already filed police reports against police officers who, in the heat of the battle, used racist words against the rioters. That could possibly be due to their noticing how the rioters behaved.

But to the Swedish press, the real problem is not the Muslim vandals and assailants. The day after the Husby riots, the Swedish press has been busy criticizing the police and Swedish society, which has failed to solve the social problems that are assumed to be the underlying cause for this non-Swedish state of affairs. For according to official Swedish reasoning, the responsibility cannot lie with those breaking the laws; the cause for this has to be that Swedes have been treating them badly.

One hears nothing from the government or at least nothing sensible. Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag has stuffed his mouth with wool and speaks with great caution. The inhabitants of Husby have the right to security, and now something has to be done to create calm and safety. What he means to do remains unclear.

What was really needed was for Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt to go on national television, and give a clear message that in Sweden, Swedish law applies, and any thug unwilling to accept this will be defeated with all the tools available to the state. Furthermore, he could have said that the rioters will be thrown out of Sweden and if they have citizenship, it will be revoked, as they are obviously in the wrong country.

One word has been absolutely absent in all reports and commentaries: Islam.

At the time of writing, we cannot know with certainty whether all the perpetrators of violence are of Islamic cultural background, but there can hardly be doubt that most of them are. And in any case, the entire gang of rioters behave precisely as we have seen like-minded persons do elsewhere in Europe.

The most precise characterization of the violent thugs that the media and politicians have been providing is that they are youths. The line of thought seems to be that this kind of behavior is normal and understandable among the young.

But the fact is that young Swedes would never behave like this. However, this approach has numerous parallels everywhere in the Western world with significant Muslim immigration.

We have seen similar uprisings the Arabic word is Intifada in France and Great Britain, and on a smaller scale in Norway, Denmark, Germany and other countries. Everywhere that the Muslim share of population reaches a certain level.

Islam orders the faithful to not let themselves be integrated into infidel societies and to defend their territories against infidel authorities, who seek to uphold infidel laws, which pious Muslims under no circumstances must submit to.

The Swedish riots have reach an extent and a level of coordination indicating that they cannot possibly be spontaneous. The young have a General Staff leading the efforts, moving the forces around and pointing out targets to attack.

And when this General Staff, after the violent events in Husby, senses that the official Swedish reactions are apologies, regrets and general retreat, it is logical that they will order further attacks. And according to this logic, the offensive spread on May 21st to Tensta, Kista and Rinkeby, with bombs and arson.

When the enemy retreats, it is time to attack that has been basic knowledge for military strategists for millennia. But this insight has not reached Sweden yet.

It has also not dawned on the national leadership that the Intifada is heralding the final collapse of Swedish immigration policy and the dream of a paradise-like multicultural society, which they had led decent Swedish citizens to expect.

From now on, the logic of war applies.


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