Editorial:Freedom of expression divided


The city of Oxford in England usually a place we associate with one of the most prestigious universities in the world, medieval architecture and Inspector Morse has been the scene of disgusting crimes .

As reported in Dispatch International, a ring made up primarily of Pakistanis has for years been misusing vulnerable girls whom they have tempted with alcohol, cigarettes and other blandishments. Some of the girls were not even 13 years old when their tormentors assaulted them and sold them to other men for sex.

Social authorities in Oxford had for a long time been getting tips that something was seriously wrong, but did nothing to protect the girls. For the girls were white and English from the lower social classes, while the perpetrators were Asians? the English euphemism for Asian immigrants of Islamic cultural background. And intervention would constitute racism?.

Thus, consideration of political correctness harm the protection of the countrys own population.

But there is one honest man in Oxford, namely the imam Taj Hargey, who is not afraid of saying what the British authorities do not dare to say.

Imam Hargey talks of hatred of women, perversion and evil. If it were up to him, the guilty would get the hardest punishment possible, in order to provide restitution for the victims and send a clear message to others who might follow in the footsteps of the sex ring.

But the imam goes a lot further than that and that is entirely unheard of, considering his position as an Islamic religious leader.

The fact is, he writes in a letter to the newspaper Daily Mail, that the activities of the Oxford sex ring are connected to religion and race?. Religion, in that all the perpetrators no matter their nationalities were Muslims, and race because they specifically chose vulnerable white girls.

If an Englishmen had expressed himself in that way, he would immediately have been accused of being a racist, a Nazi, and would be made into an outlaw. In Sweden and in Denmark, it would not have taken many hours before he would have received a subpoena for defamatory speech about peoples, religions and ethnicity.

In the Western world, we have ended up in a situation where freedom of expression has become divided: It is no longer a question of what is being said, but of who says it.

If you are white and named Smith, you have significantly less freedom of expression than if you are brown and named Abdullah.

One can only admire the Oxford imam for speaking frankly, and hope that he will survive his honesty.

And one can only despise the authorities who consider it their primary task to persecute and suppress their own population.

Swedish, Danish

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