Dangerous Swedish Equality

Once upon a time, gender equality meant the same rights, the same possibilities, and the same duties. Later, that was entirely destroyed by feminism. Nowadays, equality means that each workplace must include at least 50 percent women (regardless of whether they are skilled or fit for the jobs), and that women must have the same wages as men even if they work fewer hours, have less education or a lower position.

If a workplace has 90 percent women and 10 percent men, it is extraordinarily equal according to feminist definitions. That the staff of a Swedish school includes almost no men is not seen as a problem, but the fact that foresting employs very few women is considered so bad that last year the two main employers unions launched an action plan to induce more women to enter the trade of foresting.

One cannot believe this. That barely any men work at the schools is a problem for the pupils! Many boys living with single mothers have no male role models at all in their lives, and according to several studies, boys are hit hard by the corps of female teachers, who almost always prefers girls over boys. And now there is a clear and present danger to the public welfare, as the emergency services are busy swapping strong and able firemen out, and taking in women who are not able to cope with the physical demands.  They are more equal than competent.

We see here two open hazards of Swedish equality, but exactly what harm is done to the tree if it is felled by a man rather than by a woman?

At times, I wonder why so few are noticing that Sweden is being transformed into Absurdistan. Here, everything strange and crazy is praised as groundbreaking and ingenious, while all things old, tried and tested are thrown out like a baby with the bathwater.

Heterosexual love is rubbish, the nuclear family is hell on earth for women as well as children, feminism has been elevated to a university topic, professors are selected based on gender, women are good, men are bad, and children can be had by anyone, anywhere. The one exception being a man and a woman who love each other.

In 2010, Norwegian public service channel NRK broadcast the entirely groundbreaking documentary series Hjernevask (Brainwash). The comedian Harald Eia decided to investigate gender truths, and during seven installments, he devastated each and every theory Norwegian gender researchers claimed to have proof for. They had, in fact, not gotten a single one right!

In one episode, he shows how women and men choose their vocations in a situation where equality has come so far that everyone can choose according to their own wishes.  Imagine that most women still choose traditional womens professions, and the men overwhelmingly occupations traditional for men. The gender researchers were grinding their teeth over this numbing statistic, which was based upon hundreds of thousands of responses all over the world. And the greater the equality, the more traditional the choices.

That Swedish state television had no interest in showing this series is easy to understand. Swedish holy cows are never to be slaughtered, no matter how sick they are nor what sort of craziness they consider exemplary in society.

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