Column: Media covers up law professors libel of a dying man

Leif Lindberg suffered a miscarriage of justice and it was not until Hannes Råstam investigated his and his friend Bo Larssons case that he was vindicated. However not everyone accepted the not guilty verdict. Law professor Christian Diesen first libeled Leif and then was helped by the media in hushing up the whole scandalous affair.

In 2004 the journalist Hannes Råstam revealed on the state broadcaster SVTs program Mission: Investigation that Bo Larsson and his friend Leif Lindberg had been the victim of a miscarriage of justice. The affair became known as Case Ulf. Råstams program led to the exoneration of Larsson and Lindberg. However powerful political forces did not care about innocently convicted people from the lower social classes.

When the program about Case Ulf was broadcast nearly 8 years ago it was apparent to most viewers that the due process of law has its shortcomings in Sweden. Bo Larsson and Leif Lindberg were convicted without any evidence whatsoever for sexual assault on Larssons daughter and received long prison sentences.

After their release a smear campaign against the two men was conducted by extremist feminists who could not accept that the men were free and receiving compensation for the time served in prison. On anonymous blogs slander and lies were spread that Leif had committed sexual abuse earlier and even Jenny Westerstrand, (apprentice to the then-professor at Uppsala University, Eva Lundgren), the blogger Erik Rodenborg and the previous police Chief Inspector Monica Dahlström Lannes participated in the libel and smears against Larsson and Lindberg.

However, it was the politically correct law professor at Stockholm University, Christian Diesen, who went the furthest in his character assassination of Leif Lindberg. In an article he wrote for the Swedish Law Journal he claimed that Lindberg had previously been convicted for the sexual assault of minors, attempted aggravated assault, making illegal threats, aggravated rape, giving assistance in an aggravated rape, sexual exploitation of a minor, giving assistance to the sexual exploitation of a minor as well as sexual exploitation of a minor.

I studied Diesens article, and can testify that everything he wrote about Lindberg was lies and slander. However, when I contacted the editor for the Swedish Law Journal, he was of the opinion that there was nothing worth discussing. The media was of the same opinion when I informed them of the law professors groundless attack against an innocent elderly man. No one was interested in publishing what I had revealed. It was only on the tenth attempt that I finally made a breakthrough with the Daily News, which published the following article in November 2007

The revelation in this article was that Swedens most famous law professor had falsely and knowingly claimed that an innocent man was a convicted sex criminal.

For a while it looked like the rest of the media, huddling protectively around their professor, would kill the story. In the end, however, Leif Lindberg received an apology from the publishers of the Swedish Law Journal and 5,000 Euros for the suffering caused by the professors lies.  But no apology was received from Diesen.  A couple of months before his death in May 2008 I spoke to Leif Lindberg. He was sad that he never received an apology, and I believe that he never understood why he was so hated by powerful forces. Diesens lies are so distressing. If he had any conscience he would have given me an apology. I have not been convicted of the rapes and other sex crimes that Diesen claims.

What Lindberg never understood was that his innocence had demonstrated that the theories created and put forward by extremist feminists for many years were based on ideology and not facts. Leif Lindberg is a painfully clear example of how far radical feminism has infiltrated the Swedish establishment. It never occurred to the law professor that he should apologize he was, after all, a law professor and Leif was just a guy from the lower classes who happened to stand in the way of the reigning ideology.

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