Chronicle:The cowardly Swedes!

Photo:Roger Sahlström

Swedish society is permeated by cowardice at all levels. That is notable already among neighbors. It is difficult to make contact with others. Some level of suspicion is almost always obvious. Any sort of multicultural contact with freshly arriving so-called ?refugees? hardly exists. But some Swedish enthusiasts, eager to display their ?political correctness?, are trying.

The immigrants are different. They turn audacity into a system. That can be seen in the line used at the insurance company and the welfare offices. They know precisely what they are entitled to, and they claim that assertively. If they were lacking in audacity, they would never have come here. They would have just moved to more nearby countries.

Swedes are more modest. They accept ever-increasing gasoline prices frequently orchestrated by the enemies of the people, the environmentalist party without much in the way of protest. A letter to the newspaper editor may be written, but then mostly under a pseudonym. In Italy, for example, there would have been quite a spectacle!

One journalist who previously has shown some bite is Ulf Nilson in Expressen. For one thing, he wrote a spoof about Sweden in the process of switching peoples. Ulf enjoyed massive support from readers. But even then, mostly under pseudonyms. Quite a few even wanted him as prime minister! Nilson even made a contribution to this newspaper, but then something happened.

For after doing so, he was criticized by practically all of his colleagues. In addition, he was told that he should change his style?, what suits Expressen. Even Ulf ended up showing cowardice. He fell into line and his current articles are mainly about major events of world politics. Some are just drivel. His readers do not react any longer. The cowardly editor of Expressen, however, is happy. Bonnier, the owning family, does not interfere. That has always been their line. They are aware that there are hardly any non-lefty journalists left to hire! One cannot run a newspaper without journalists

Swedes have heard of Dispatch International, but few so far have had the courage to order the newspaper. What if the neighbors heard of it! A number of truths can be downright unpleasant in todays Swedish society, and those who dare to reveal deceit and lies must be ready to take a whipping. The politicians are aware of that, and for that reason, they do not even dare to whisper about their own opinions



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