I will not be intimidated, says prominent convert to Christianity

Although a Spanish court has overturned Imran Firasats extradition order, he is still at risk of being expelled to torture and death. Read his own words here at Dispatch International.

After Spain revoked my asylum and issued an expulsion order because I produced a documentary on Prophet Muhammed´s life, in June 2014, I left Spain and went to Norway to seek asylum but Norway, the so-called human rights-respecting land of the Nobel Peace Price cowardly sent me back to Spain ignoring my request for protection.

On July 28 on my arrival to Spain, the Spanish authorities detained me with the aim of extraditing me to Indonesia on false charges which were fabricated in order to take me to an islamic territory, shut my mouth forever and punish me for revealing the hidden facts about Islam and Muhammed. In order to get me extradited from Spain the Indonesian Islamic police convicted me in absence during a rapid and illegal judicial process without informing me of the charges and without giving me a fair trial or right of defense.



During the extradition trial in Spain, my lawyer exposed all the lies, irregularities and contradictions committed by the Indonesian authorities. Nevertheless the Spanish judiciary blindly approved my extradition. Clearly they wanted to get rid of me because of my opinions on Islam.

The Judges didnt care that I have received several death threats from the Indonesian radical Islamic groups. The Judges didnt even take into consideration the fact of my conversion from Islam to Christianity, which is a serious crime of apostasy punished by death according to the Islamic Sharia law.

Strangely, the Spanish director of prisons kept me in solitary confinement out of concern for my safety emanating from 150 Muslim prisoners (only 150!). Nonetheless the Spanish judiciary approved my extradition to an Islamic country where I would be surrounded by millions of Muslims who consider me the enemy of Islam and where radical Muslim would consider it his religious duty to eliminate infidels, apostates and blasphemers.



The Spanish penal code, constitution, asylum law and many international human rights conventions ratified by Spain, forbid it from extraditing someone to a country where he might be subjected to torture and death. In my case the Spanish judiciary gave the green light to send me to certain death. It was a purely political decision motivated by fear of Islam.

Looking at the sky from behind the bars of prison I used to ask myself why the punishment for free speech should be so cruel that someone might lose his life. Muslims can kill people whenever and wherever they want but I do not even have the right to protest against it because Muslims they will respond with more violence and intimidation.

My lawyer appealed against the Spanish High Courts extradition order. But neither I nor my lawyer expected justice and prepared myself for torture and murder in Indonesia.

But the Lord Jesus Christ heard the prayers of people around the world. I am free now. Just a month ago the Spanish High Court approved my extradition and there was no chance to change that decision through an appeal, but my appeal was dramatically accepted by the Spanish judges. They overruled previous judges, ordered my immediate release and refused to extradite me to Indonesia.



Last Friday at 7 pm I was given the notification of my freedom, which was a big surprise to me and my lawyers.

I am still tired, traumatized and confused. But as a true Christian I must forgive. I hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will do so too.

Although my extradition is refused, I am still at risk in Spain as the expulsion order is still valid. After leaving prison, I was taken to a police station. According to the police, the expulsion order is a different thing that has nothing to do with the courts decision not to extradite me.

I dont know for how long I will have to face all this. But Islam cannot intimidate me. I may be imprisoned once again but it is better to suffer and die rather than submitting to Islam and live like a coward.

Thank you so much for all your help, support and prayers. Without your help I cannot defeat the Islamic conspiracy. God bless you all.