Sweden turns Arab

At the same time as the new Swedish government under Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has announced that it will recognize Palestine as a sovereign country as part of a two-state solution, says Löfven an opinion poll shows that most Palestinians reject the two-state solution.

If Palestinians were to choose between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, Haniyeh would come out on top with 55 percent against 38 percent for Abbas. Interestingly, Haniyeh has a bigger following on the West Bank 57 percent against 33 percent for Abbas than he can muster back in Hamas-controlled Gaza, where 50 percent would vote for Haniyeh and 47 percent for Abbas.

The poll was conducted September 25-27 by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.



The majority of Palestinians that support the terror organization Hamas can hardly be unaware of its policy. Should they have forgotten, their memory was recently refreshed by the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam. On October 1 it quoted Mahmoud al-Zahar from Hamas Political Bureau, who dismissed the notion that his outfit plans to set up an Islamic emirate in Gaza.

We wont do that, he said,  but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine clearly including the part of Palestine currently occupied by the State of Israel.

Mahmoud al-Zahar also said that if Hamas gained the slightest foothold on the West Bank, it would settle the battle  [against Israel] with a speed that no one can imagine.

So as not to leave any doubt what he had in mind, he referred to the Korans Sura 17 verse 7 that talks about total annihilation.

Mahmoud al-Zahars statements are quoted by Palestinian Media Watch.

There can be little doubt what would happen to Israels Jewish inhabitants in the wake of this total annihilation. According to a recent poll  , 93 percent of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank despise Jews.



It is unclear what Prime Minister Stefan Löfven knows about the wider world outside Sweden but Foreign Minister Margot Wallström can hardly claim to be ignorant. She has had a long career as top apparatchik in the EU and UN and must be well versed in Palestinian matters. She can be in no doubt what awaits Israel if it is forced to accept Palestine as a sovereign country.

The EU and the UN are well aware that most Palestinians consider their sovereign state as a halfway house on the road to Israels destruction and the elimination of its Jewish population.



So what has prompted the new Swedish government to take this step? According to Israels former ambassador to Stockholm Zvi Mazel   there are two reasons: The governing Social Democratic Party is anti-Israel and pro-Arab and Swedens Arab population has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. We are not out of 2014 but this year Sweden has already accepted 80,000 Arab entrants mostly from Iraq and Syria where popular Jew hatred is overwhelming. According to Zvi Mazel there are now 700,000 Muslims in Sweden a figure that tallies exactly with the number Dispatch International published a couple of years ago.



But according to the noted Egyptian-born historian Bat Yeor, Swedens Israel-hatred is based on deeper strategic considerations.

In an e-mail to Dispatch International she points to the fact that in 1974, the European leaders embarked on a policy intended to eradicate Israel. She wrote about it in her book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis from 1995, and now she sees her thesis confirmed.

Bat Yeor: European policy aims to replace Israel with a Palestinian population it has helped invent.

Unfortunately for the European leaders, things have not gone to plan. They are hopping mad that Israels Iron Dome defense system has allowed it to fend off Arab missile attacks.



It is hard to determine if Margot Wallström is hopping mad or simply continuing the policies she was indoctrinated in during her sojourn in the EU and UN. But it makes little difference.

From now on Sweden must be considered part of the Arab world and with its present immigration policy, it is a matter of a few years before it joins The Arab League.



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