Sweden a haven for terrorists and traffickers

Per capita immigration to Sweden primarily from Third World countries is greater than the Great Migration to America ever was and unparalleled in the history of the Western World. Per week the country accepts more refugees from Syria than the United States, Canada and Australia combined admit in one year and any Swede who objects to this policy is hounded by the authorities and the media.

Much has been written in the New York Times over the last few days about Sweden, specifically about the countrys recent elections and its immigration. However, no one has adequately placed Swedens immigration in an international perspective. Nor has it occurred to the New York Times that the Sweden Democrats is not the anti-immigrant party that its writers have depicted.
The Sweden Democrats is not anti-immigrant. The party merely proposes immigration policies to reflect those of neighboring Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. By reducing the number of asylum seekers and family immigration by 90 percent as the party suggests, Sweden would simply be in line with the rest of the Western World. If thats anti-immigrant, then the rest of the world must reasonably be anti-immigrant too, including the United States.


All countries in the Western World with the one exception of Sweden have restrictive and selective immigration including a numerical limitation for refugees. The United States admits about 70,000 refugees per year. Canada admits about 20,000 and Australia around 15,000. The combined population of these three countries is close to 40 times greater than that of Sweden and their combined land mass is close to 60 times greater. Yet, Sweden admits approximately the same number of refugees from the Third World as these three countries combined.
The United States would need to increase its refugee intake from 70,000 per year to nearly 3 million to match that of Sweden. Additionally, the United States would need to eliminate any numerical limit to match Sweden. Such enormous numbers would undoubtedly have overwhelming consequences on every aspect of America in every corner of the country.


Whereas most countries, including the United States, focus their efforts and resources on aiding refugees overseas, Sweden focuses its resources on encouraging as many refugees as possible to embark on dangerous journeys to Sweden to become immigrants. As a consequence, refugees often hire human smugglers in order to reach this remote northern European country.
Sweden admits more Syrian refugees per week than the United States, Canada and Australia combined admit in one year. Sweden is the only country that automatically grants refugees who claim to be from Syria permanent residence status, despite the fact that many such claimants cannot even prove their identity as they normally discard their passports along the way. Human trafficking is rampant and so is visa fraud since the Swedish immigration agency does not require any documentation from anyone claiming to be from Syria.

Sweden simply has no control over who enters the country. This leads to security concerns even for America due to the visa waiver program in place for Swedes traveling to the United States. Potential terrorists can enter Sweden without documentation, immediately gain residency followed by citizenship and then travel to the United States without needing a visa. That scenario is a reality today.


Per capita current immigration to Sweden primarily from Third World countries is greater than the Great Migration to America ever was and unparalleled in the history of the Western World. Obviously, such massive migration has enormous consequences for a small nation such as Sweden, which is completely unprepared to adequately handle it.
The quality of Swedens once rock-solid and world-class school system has as of late, as evident from PISA and TIMSS studies, dropped faster and deeper than those of any other OECD country and is now cemented at the bottom of the OECD world. Swedens future looks bleak as Swedish children simply no longer receive a competitive education to succeed in the 21st-century global economy. Shortly before losing the recent election, Swedens former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt openly admitted that due to immigration there would be no resources available to fund any reforms including needed improvements of the failing school system.


The once stable nation of Sweden has recently been rocked by regular riots in immigrant suburbs, including the infamous Husby-riots in 2013 that received worldwide attention. Adding to that, Sweden has moved up to establish itself as the country with the second highest rape rate in world, only trailing Lesotho in South Africa. The once safe and secure country for women is anything but safe and secure today. Sweden experiences the highest number of school arsons in the world and car arsons in segregated immigrant areas are nightly occurrences. Firefighters need significant police back-up when responding to those calls as they are being physically attacked by young immigrants. Ultimately this is an attack on Swedish society.


Integration of immigrants has failed completely. Sweden ranks at the very bottom among the OECD countries while the United States, Canada and Australia rank at the very top. As a result of uncontrolled immigration, a large portion of Swedish immigrants is unemployed and segregated and live on tax-funded programs and welfare payments for many years, often their entire lives. As a group, immigrants to Sweden perform lower in school than native Swedes and schools with large immigrant populations perform lower than schools with large native-born populations.
Strangely, the consensus among Swedish politicians and mainstream media is to vehemently support open borders and unlimited immigration as a progressive and hip ideology, something unthinkable in the United States, Canada and Australia. In fact, the United States, Canada, and Australia follow restrictive and selective immigration policies.

In todays Sweden it is deemed unacceptable to oppose unlimited immigration and such views are severely punished. Individuals and organizations like the Sweden Democrats who oppose the idea of open borders are targets of harassment, threats and violence by leftist organizations. The mainstream media and high-level politicians accuse them of racism and Nazi sympathies. The Salem Witch Hunt comes to mind. Freedom of speech and democracy itself are consequently severely compromised.
Imagine if the United States were to open its borders to Mexico and if the government forced the American taxpayers to financially support any individual crossing into America. Also imagine that whoever did not support such open border policies would officially be labeled a racist and a Nazi and alienated from society, possibly losing his job and membership in various organizations such as trade unions. Thats the totalitarian reality in Sweden today.



Sweden suffers from extreme liberal and left-wing ideologies promoted by an extreme media that is more powerful than any politician or political party. What is considered normal in other nations such as the United Sates is considered extreme in Sweden. What is considered extreme in the United States is considered normal in Sweden.

The ultimate indicator of this is that the Swedish Green Party, which will likely be represented in the new Swedish administration and possibly obtain multiple positions in government, has as its official policy that Sweden must open its borders without any restrictions. That such a party could become part of the government would be unthinkable in any other country.


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