After Israel whos next?

The Danish politician Zenia Stampe has embarked on a program of boycotts that will lead us back to the age of the hunter-gatherers.

A couple of days ago the Danish politician Zenia Stampe encouraged Denmark and the rest of the EU to boycott Israeli products.

Nothing forces us to buy products marked with Made in Israel as long as the Israeli government so clearly rejects peace, writes Ms Stampe, who goes on to demand that the EU uses its trade policy muscles to call for a revision of its trade agreement with Israel.

One might put it all down to yet another woman flying over the cuckoos nest but that would be unwise. Zenia Stampe is parliamentary foreign policy spokesman of the Radical Party, which forms part of the government.


Zenia Stampe is a woman of high principles and she would undoubtedly want us to apply her stringent criteria of good behavior to other evil lands.

Can we import from Gaza not that the strip has much to offer except for the few rockets they havent fired and topnotch knowhow on tunnel building? Certainly not as their strongmen have a nasty habit of killing men, women and children they dont like.

The rest of the Arab world? Yes, of course, provided you hate women including Zenia Stampe as much as they do. The problem is that most Danes dont, so they would undoubtedly approve of an import ban.


Pakistan? Sure, if you like a country where women are stoned or locked up in prison for being raped.

Turkey? Not really, as long as the authorities permit shopkeepers to put up signs banning entry for Jewish dogs.

We realize that Zenia Stampe doesnt much care for Jewish dogs either but she is no doubt aware that it would be a hard sell to win over the Danes to her position.


Lets not talk about China, Russia, the greater part of Africa or vast swathes of Latin America.

Forget about Japan. It is no friend of Islam and wont let Muslims into the country.

Australia? No, no! The Aussie government discriminates between good and bad immigrants and puts illegal entrants on islands well away from the mainland.

Canada? Thats as bad as it gets. The government is a staunch friend of Israel.

The United States has a wonderful president with a warm Islamophile heart. Unfortunately, it also has Gitmo not to mention the millions who intend to vote for the Republicans. How can anyone trust a country like that?


Europe? Not really. At the moment few of the European countries live up to Ms Stampes wet dream of unrestricted immigration and full speed ahead for Islam.

That leaves just one country: Sweden, whose Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt recently announced that his countrymen might as well forget about better social services or tax cuts because all the money will be spent on immigration. But even this prime candidate for a true Islamic emirate of the North has flaws. It still exports weapons or tries to do to countries that do not meet Zenias criteria.


It appears that Danes will have to make do with trading among themselves.

But wait, thats no good either. Denmark practices an evil immigration policy and people say all kinds of bad things about foreigners.

It would seem that Denmarks only option is to return to the age of hunter-gatherers and one would hope that Zenia Stampe is honing her skills as a fisherwoman and collector of slugs and berries.





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