There is something wrong with globalization

How come that no Westerners migrate to the Muslim world why is it always the other way around? asked Lars Hedegaard when speaking at Gallery Rönnquist & Rönnquist in Malmö on August 15.

?We are constantly being told that we are living in the age of globalization and multiculturalism. And indeed, if we look around in our Western cities, we notice that they have changed out of all recognition over the past few decades. We can now observe people from all corners of the world walking our streets, setting up their shops, building their temples and demanding their rights as our equals sometimes even as our masters.

The states of Western Europe spend enormous sums in an attempt to integrate these foreigners, mostly with no good effect. Integration is a matter of willingness on the part of the newcomer to become a part of our societies and mingle with our people. And if you arrive here with the idea that your culture or religion is superior to ours, no amount of money will change your opinion. Quite the opposite. If you are rewarded financially for not integrating, then you are bound to conclude that you are living in the best of all possible worlds: You carry on doing what you did back home, and the infidels pay you for it.


It didnt use to be that way. When I grew up, the populations of countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, France etc. were more or less homogenous in the ethnic and cultural sense. No more. A few weeks ago it was announced that Englishmen are now a minority in London. The same just happened in Malmö and will soon come a great number of cities all over the European continent. It is a development with no parallel since the era of the Great Migrations some 1500 years ago.

But it is only natural, we are told. And what is natural must be good. And if we have any doubt as to the benefits of mass immigration and multiculturalism, we are branded as reactionaries, racists and Islamophobes.


But there is something fundamentally wrong with the concept of globalization. At closer inspection, it turns out that we in the Western world are the only ones that are becoming globalized.

Look at the balance between Western Europe and our immediate neighbors south and east of the Mediterranean. Globalization works in one direction and not in the other. Millions from countries such as Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and North Africa in other words from the Muslim world stream into Europe. We never hear of any migration in the other direction. How many Swedes have settled in Libya, Mali, Syria or Turkey? Only those who have come to fight not because they love these particular places but because they hate somebody.

The reason for this lopsidedness is obvious: It is not a good idea to be a Christian, Jew, atheist or just a Westerner in Muslim-dominated areas. In fact you can expect to get killed? not for anything you have done but merely for what you are.


As we meet today, the last Christians are either being killed or driven out of the Middle East that is from the very area where Christianity arose 2000 years ago and where Christianity used to be the predominant religion. It is a process that has been going on for 1400 years. As we speak, the last remnants of Christianity and other ancient religions are being eliminated from the House of Islam.

Our leaders, including our church leaders, seem unconcerned. Except for dropping a few bombs in Northern Iraq, they show little interest in the fate of Christians and other infidels in Muslim-dominated regions. They are, however, deeply concerned about the well being of Muslim immigrants and descendants in Europe.

It is as if they think that Christians and the Jews in Israel should not be in the Middle East because it is the land of Allah and his messenger Muhammed. Muslims, however, have every right to be here in Europe and we should yield to their every wish.


How can this be? Where does this crazy mindset come from?

I think it has to do with the Crusades or rather with our twisted concept of the Crusades.

Im not here to defend the Crusades or the actions of the crusaders but merely to remind you of how that phenomenon came about

The story we are being told is that some insane pope at the end of the 11th century suddenly and for no good reason decided to assemble a European army and attack the mainly Muslim town of Jerusalem.

But where did these Muslims come from and why were they in Jerusalem? They were there because they were followers of a man with the title Muhammed (in all likelihood Muhammed is not a name but a title), who is said to have received messages from a God called Allah ordering him to fight all infidels until the entire world bowed to Allah.


At least that is what Islams holy books tell us. And a couple of years after Muhammeds death in the year 632 his Arab armies overran a great part of the Christian world including Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Egypt. Within a century they had conquered areas from Spain in the west to India in the east. They went on to occupy Sicily, they attacked Rome and raided southern France.

So the Crusades were not an inexplicable attack on peace-loving Muslims but a counterattack intended to stave off further Muslim conquests.

The Crusades failed and the Islamic attacks continued until 1683, when the Muslim Ottoman Turks almost conquered Vienna. Muslim pirates from North Africa continued to attack Western shores all the way up to Iceland, capture Western ships and take Westerners as slaves until the US and England finally put a stop to it in the early 19th century.

Compared to twelve hundred years of relentless Islamic aggression, the Crusades were a drop in the ocean. Yet we are told that they are the cause of Muslim animosity towards us.


Why this constant aggression? Because Islamic holy scripture commands every Muslim to participate in holy war so-called jihad until Allahs religion reigns supreme everywhere. It is a personal obligation for every Muslim who wants to get to paradise.

How are Muslims to treat infidels? One of Islams most revered authorities, Sahih Muslim, gives the answer: You should present them with three choices: Invite them to convert to Islam. If they refuse, force them to pay a special tax called the jizya and submit to Islamic rule. If they refuse, kill them. (Sahih Muslim (19:4294)).

Now this was written more than 1000 years ago, but as far I as know, till this day no imam or Islamic scholar has distanced himself from this commandment, and of course he cannot for it is believed that that these words stem from the prophet Muhammed who speaks on behalf of Allah.

And of course, this is precisely the course followed by such modern-day actors in the Islamic world as al-Qaeda, the holy men of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and now by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

That is why Christians and other non-Muslims are being slaughtered with such glee and clear conscience.


The amazing thing is that for some reason our Western leaders think that the self-appointed spokesmen for the Islamic umma will change their minds once they cross the border to Sweden, Denmark or some other Western country.

We are yet to hear from a single one of them that he rejects the bloodthirsty commandments of the prophet. If he were to do so, he would be considered an apostate from Islam and should be killed according to Islamic law.

My conclusion is that once the last Christian and the last Jew is eliminated from the lands of Islam, we in the Western world are next in line.


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