Watch our press conference on Muhammeds flickor!

On Friday The Free Speech Library released Lars Hedegaards book Muhammeds flickor [Muhammeds girls] in Swedish. We had invited three extremely interesting speakers but it hardly needs mentioning that not a single Swedish journalist turned up to hear what Anne Marie Waters, Mona Walter and Nicolai Sennels had to say about the hell Islam has created for women.

But who needs journalists when you can hear for yourself what the invited speakers and Lars Hedegaard had to report? Here is the entire press conference, which was held in English. The picture and sound quality leaves something to be desired but we hope the messages get through.


Anne Marie Waters is the Labour woman who jumped ship and is now a parliamentary candidate for UK Independence Party. Listen to her story about the Muslim pedophile leagues that have been haunting Great Britain for decades but have only recently been exposed and brought to justice. They could have been stopped 30 years ago but the newspapers refused to publish the story and even today they dare not mention what the criminals have in common, i.e., Islam.


Mona Walter is a Somali woman who came to Sweden 20 years ago and was terrified to learn what messages are being spread in Swedish mosques: Do not mingle with kaffir society, so not become friends with Swedes, bear as many children as you can in order that we may take over the country. Ten years ago she converted to Christianity and is now working to awaken the Church of Sweden and the authorities that are credulous enough to be taken in by mendacious imams.


Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who used to work for the juvenile correctional service, where he met a great number of Muslims delinquents. In his book Blandt kriminelle muslimer [Among criminal Muslims], which will be out in Swedish this fall, he outlines the important cultural differences between Westerners and Muslims and why Islam will come to dominate unless we understand these disparities and find ways to overcome them.

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