Tommy Robinson released from prison

Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League, EDL, was released from prison last week. Robinson was sentenced to 18 months in January. The condition for his parole is that no one from the EDL is allowed to make contact with Robinson or he will be sent back behind bars.


Charismatic working class leader Tommy Robinson was a constant cause of concern for British authorities. Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets in the cities where he spoke against the Islamization of Britain. When it was discovered that Robinson had traveled to the USA on a friends passport, he was sentenced to ten months in prison, in January 2013.

Tommy Robinson gave Dispatch International the inside story on his incarceration in November 2013.

It took two hours before I was assaulted by Muslims in the jail. They sent me to an isolation cell where I had to spend 18 weeks. You are only supposed to be there for 30 days but they solved that problem by moving me from jail to jail. I couldnt even visit the prison church. The only time they opened the cell door was when they gave me food.

I dont want to say that prison was the best thing that could have happened to me for it was really horrible to be isolated for so long but it gave me time to ponder my future. I had been under hard pressure and I really felt that I needed a break.


During that break, Robinson decided to leave the EDL. While he was imprisoned, right wing extremists had taken over the organization, and he didnt want to lead it anymore. To distance himself from the group, he chose to co-operate with the Quilliam Foundation to prove the point that he didnt hate Muslims and wanted to solve the problems stemming from Britains appeasement policy vis-a-vis Islam.


But if the decision to collaborate with Quilliam was a strategic move to stay out of prison, it backfired completely. Authorities had already launched an investigation against Robinson regarding suspected tax fraud an accusation Robinson claimed was fabricated for the sole purpose of locking him back up. And that was exactly what happened. On January 23 of this year, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.


The conditions in prison were very harsh. According to sources close to Tommy Robinson, he has only been allowed to see two visitors per month, and has been prevented from contacting the media. Suddenly, last week, he was released. And the terms of his release show in no uncertain terms that the verdict against him had more to do with EDL, than with tax fraud.  One of the conditions imposed on Tommy the violation of which could result in his being returned to prison is that no person(s) who are involved with the EDL may contact him, directly or indirectly. So he will not be involved in any EDL-related activities, nor should any EDL people attempt to contact him.

These terms apply until his prison sentence is served in July 2015.


Blogger Vlad Tepes comments:

I thought he was in for mortgage fraud. I wonder how they justify no EDL contact as a condition of release, when it has exactly NOTHING to do with the charge. It sort of goes with political crime, I would suppose.

According to a source close to Tommy Robinson, he went straight home to his family upon release, and they were of course delighted to have him home again.




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