Spanish Supreme Court: Islam critic Imran Firasat must leave

Yesterday the news that Imran Firasat dreaded came Spains Supreme Court rejected the appeal of his indented asylum status. Two judges went against, and said that one can not take asylum from someone who has not committed any crime.
They actually want to send me to my death, says Imran Firasat to Dispatch International.

Imran Firasat from Pakistan was born a Muslim, but has bitterly learned Islams downsides. It started when he fell in love with and wanted to marry a Buddhist woman which is forbidden for Muslim men. They moved in together and had a child.
When their son was born their illicit relationship was revealed. The police stormed into their home, arrested them and kept them locked up for several days. Imran Firasats girlfriend was raped by police officers, and one of his thumbs was amputated.

They were told the only way to be free was that Imrans partner either converted to Islam or left Pakistan.

All because of Sharia law, all because of Islam, says Imran Firasat.
The small family fled to Spain and soon got asylum and residence permits. The fact that they risked the death penalty under Pakistans sharia law, was the basis for their asylum. But when Imran Firasat began to devote his life to criticize Islam, everything suddenly turned. Spain got cold feet because of the Islam-critical movies Firasat produced, and claimed that he is a threat to national security.

If Muslims behave badly and commit terrorist crimes because they are upset with my movies, then its their responsibility not mine!
But that is obviously not what the EU member Spain thinks. Last year they took away Imran Firasats asylum status, and yesterday the Supreme Court rejected his appeal and decided that Imran Firasat is no longer allowed to stay in Spain. They referred to the law that says you can take the permit from a person who poses a threat to national security.


But at no point has the Supreme Court explained how I threaten Spains security. The two judges who disagreed with the majority felt that my case should be sent to the European Court of Human Rights for a conclusive decision.
My lawyer is very dissatisfied with the verdict, and we will sue Spain before the European Court of Human Rights. Im sure that I will win there, says Imran Firasat.

And he has no plans to stop his criticism of Islam. In a few weeks his new film will be released. Aisha and Mohammed is a cartoon based on source material from the Quran and the hadiths, and shows exactly what happened when the prophet of Islam took a 6 year old girl for his wife.
I have made it my lifes work to educate people about what Islam is all about. Europeans are naive and believe that Islam is like Christianity. I, as a Christian convert, can attest that it is not. Not in any way!
Aisha and Muhammad has all the ingredients to create a stormy debate on Islam and the man whom Muslims regard as the worlds most perfect man a role model in every way they want to emulate.
I want to open the Wests eyes and make people understand why so many Muslim men rape and prey on little girls. All the answers are in Islams sacred texts, says Imran Firasat.
The film will premiere July 4.

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