Blue Skies over Bilderberg

The Bilderberg group is having its annual assembly at Hotel Marriott in the middle of Copenhagen. Among those inside are Swedens foreign minister Carl Bildt and Henry Kissinger. A small group of protesters have set up camp opposite the hotel. Their banners demand that the Sun returns and a man with a megaphone screams that Nine eleven was an inside job.

The Copenhagen police are everywhere. We are almost banned from parking our car in the lot under the hotel. But after claiming that we are guests, we are allowed to pass. To the left of the hotel representatives of the world press have taken their stand accompanied by writers for websites that are convinced that the Bilderbergers control the world.

I ask a guy with a t-shirt indicating that he is from (perhaps the most conspiratorial site on the web) if he has seen interesting people arriving at Marriott.

We saw Kissinger. The murderer!


We cross the street to say hello to the protesters. In front of the hotel is an empty lot perfect for demonstrations. Evidently the police have prepared for mass demonstrations and have erected a fence around the area and a number of urinals. But the place is almost empty as only about 100 have turned up.  It is so tranquil that the lawmen have ample time to relieve themselves in public.


Photo: Roger Sahlström

Banners and signs carry messages like We know youre blocking our Sun and We want our blue skies back. Evidently the protesters think that the Bilderbergers control the weather.

Right behind the fence stands one of the most ardent critics. He screams various messages in his megaphone and appears totally convinced that the politicians and CEOs inside are actually listening to him.


Suddenly the temperature rises. Kissinger is here! Cameras roll and the guy with the megaphone winds himself up.

Nine eleven was an inside job, he roars.

For some inexplicable reason the crowd seems to like the message. Do they seriously believe that the Muslims who flew the planes into the World Trade Center on the order of Osama bin Laden were actually doing Bilderbergs bidding? Thats what it sounds like.

The Swedish contingent outside Marriott consists of a party called The Free (De fria) a recent addition to the political landscape that wants to take Sweden out of the EU and opposes all collectivistic ideologies. Their banner carries the inscription: We demand transparency.


A bit behind the men with the megaphones Dispatch International encounters the Brazilian Jonathan who has lived in Denmark for 14 years but is now preparing to move to the US.
Im a member of the Republican Party and has been sent here to observe, says Jonathan. As a Republican I sympathize with the demonstrators determination to reduce the states influence over people but I dont believe in their conspiracy theories.


Jonathan thinks Denmark is too liberal and leftist and falsely believes that Sweden is a freer country. When we inform him that the left mafia controls everything in Sweden, his face becomes contorted.
Im planning to write a book on the lefts mob mentality, he says. People tell me that the Republicans are racists but so far I have not encountered the slightest racism among them.

His smile brightens when we tell him that the American economist Thomas Sowell is among our favorites and express our concern that the Democrats appear to have Americas blacks in an iron grip.


We leave Marriott Hotel without having seen Kissinger or any of the others believed to control the world. And the sky is blue without the slightest chemtrails.


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