EDITORIAL: Christian resistance in London

For several years sharia advocates have been running rampant throughout Western cities with the connivance of governments and the cultural elites. Finally they have come up against some opposition.

It had to come.

Friday, January 31 Christian Patrols spread out in East London and particularly in the Muslim dominated area around the East London Mosque in order to hand out leaflets from the newly formed movement Britain First.

Britain First does not hide its intentions. It has started a counter offensive against the Sharia Patrols that have for some time intimidated non-Muslims who have ventured into their areas and threatened common citizens who have dared to drink beer or display other forms of non-Islamic behavior.

The Christian Patrols have now joined the battle for the countrys future in areas that Muslims have declared to be theirs. Democratic elections are useless, says Britain Firsts leader Paul Golding a well-trained man who used to be a cage fighter. Even the organizations spokesman, James Dowson, knows how to fight. He tells Dispatch International that he used to be a protestant militant in Belfast. That was where he learned how to set up an organization based on military principles.


But when a Christian Patrol entered the Muslim lions den for the first time on a Friday, the day of Friday prayers it was not in order to pick a fight but just to hand out flyers encouraging people not to be intimidated by the Sharia Patrols. What happened? Were they accosted or attacked?

Nothing happened, says James Dowson. The sharia boys are very brave as long as they dont encounter resistance. But faced with people who are prepared to defend themselves, theyre not so courageous.

Paul Golding emphasizes that so far nobody has dared take the fight to the Muslims front door. That is what Britain First intends to do. It is about time, says Golding, to put a stop to the Islamization that is 70 percent paid for by Saudi Arabia.

Wasnt that what the English Defence League was trying to do but failed?

No, says James Dowson. We will have nothing to do with people who cannot stay sober or behave. We are Christians and in favor of old-fashioned Christian values.

He shrugs off the EDL. Hundreds of former EDL members have applied for membership in Britain First but they are carefully vetted.

Dispatch International has never met Golding or Dowson in person but we intend to do so in the near future.


At the moment we have no way of verifying if Britain First is in fact what it claims to be or if its strategy is sounder and more promising than that of the English Defence League.

Still it is noteworthy that we now see movements springing up determined to counter the Islamization offensive initiated by Muslim activists several years ago and financed from the Arab world. The government, the media, the experts and the cultural elites have contributed nothing but obfuscation and accusations that sharia opponents are racists, Islamophobes, xenophobes and Fascists. Britons, Swedes. Danes etc. simply have to accept that their towns, their countries and their entire culture are being taken over by foreign overlords wishing them no good.

It was hardly to be expected that they would all bow to Islam, which can only conceive of itself as the dominant order and which demands subjugation by all infidels.

We are yet to learn if Britain First is to be taken seriously.

Still it is encouraging that at least some people intend to resist.


Swedish, Danish

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