Breivik Tried to Undermine CounterJihad, Admits Nazi Goals

This wont prevent the umpteenth New York Times article counting how many times Breiviks manifesto had Robert Spencers name in it, never mind that most of those instances came from a pasted document filled with quotes on terrorism from mainstream experts and elected officials, but it does fit in with his actual plan of action which involved mass murder and allying with Islamic terrorists to take over parts of Europe.

Despite Muslim complaints, Breiviks attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Reading through the original parts of Breiviks manifesto and then catching the rest of his performance, its obvious that his connection to reality is very loosely tethered. It would not surprise me a great deal if a year from now he announced that he was a Communist or converted to Islam.


Anders Behring Breivik has sent a letter to international media that Expo Idag has read. He describes the letter as a first step in a peace negotiation with his political opponents. In the letter Anders Behring Breivik has partially changed his rhetoric from that used in his so-called manifesto. He says that he in the manifesto was using the counterjihad rhetoric to protect ethno-nationalists and instead prompt a media campaign against the anti-nationalistic counterjihad movement. He calls this strategy double psychology.

The technical term is delusional. Im not just using that as an insult.

Breivik always had delusions of potency and power. He retains them now even in jail. He imagines that there is a movement behind them and that he is capable of negotiating terms. He revises the past so that every development fits into his master plan.


Anders Behring Breivik claims that he strives for a clean Nordic ideal. He means that the Nordic race is about to be eradicated and he wants there to be a Nazi party in Norway just like the party Svenskarnas Parti (The Swedes Party). He mentioned several infamous right-wing extremists in Norway that he wants to lead the party, among them Varg Vikernes and Erik Blucher.

I suspect that Breiviks fascist pals will turn out to have never heard of him or only know him from blog or forum comments.

Breivik also says that his love for Israel is solely based on its future role as a place to deport disloyal Jews.


Thats nice, considering that there are barely 1,000 Jews in Norway and they are self-deporting due to Islamic migration.

Anders Behring Breivik also writes that he does not think that he will survive his time in prison, where he claims he is being tortured.

Samples of some of these tortures include

In November, the killer sent a 27-page letter to prison authorities with a list of complaints ranging from everyday annoyances, like cold coffee and a lack of butter, to more serious issues, such as censorship of his correspondence, body searches and being kept in isolation.

In the letter received by the Wall Street Journal, Breivik reportedly boasted that if he wanted to retaliate for his poor treatment, he knew how to build weapons out of items he was allowed in prison, such as his Sony PlayStation 2, long screws and plain sheets of paper.

If he has a PS2, then I assume he also has a television and apparently the equipment to write a whole lot.


The killer also claims to have written a book more than 1000 pages long, which he claims he is unable to send to a publisher, because he is being blocked by prison authorities.

In a letter received by the German newspaper Die Welt , Breivik expressed doubt that he would ever escape prison.  I will not survive this sentence, he wrote.

Maybe he can figure out a survival method using only a PS2, a television, a laptop and cold coffee.

This article was first published in Frontpage Mag

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