Open letter to Anna Karin Hammar

The honorable Ms Hammar,
I read your latest article in Dagens Seglora (January 7, 2014) Boycott is the non-violent way to peace in Israel  with great interest. I was greatly surprised that a clergyperson of your stature can misconstrue, distort and twist reality into an abomination. I would even go so far as to say that your article includes libel and inexcusably false statements.

Your article is even more disturbing in view of the fact that you have previously admitted that you are not a Middle East expert. Now you suddenly and unexplainably take it upon yourself to comment on an even more specific niche in the Middle East boycotting Israel.

Your justification for singling out Israel as a boycott target, comes from no less than the International Director of the Swedish Church, Mr. Lysen, who defends his one-sided focus with reference to the fact that the church has received no similar requests for boycotting others. This is a sad reflection of the lost morality of Swedish church, its members as well as Swedish civil society. Are they not aware of the murders, rapes and pillaging of the Christian communities in all Middle Eastern countries, apart from Israel? Do your members have to officially be presented with statistics, images of burning churches, ravaged communities and butchered bodies before they act?

How can you look into the eyes of Christian children freezing in the refugee camps across the border to Syria and expect them to submit a request? This is prejudice against Israel and the Jews. So, yes, you got close to Anti-Semitism and have miserably failed the test by crossing the line with a lame explanation, however convincing you might think it is.

When in doubt, blame the Jews, is an age-old saying and modus operandi. You are guilty of doing just the same. Pretending to discuss the issue by giving a larger perspective does not work for you either. The Palestinian Christians are deeply repressed because of the difficult life circumstances that occupation entails, you write. Your agenda-filled bias is so obvious that you lead your readers astray without even bothering to support this amazing statement. Find one honest local Israeli Arab Christian who will agree to this absurd insinuation. I suspect that you have not substantiated this claim, because you cannot. It is far more convenient to blame the Jews. You might like to ask your dear friend Light Aganwa Wilson from south Sudan whether Israel is to blame for ethnic genocide against Christians in his country. Equally, it takes no great effort to find out that after Arafat threw out the mayor of Bethlehem, the Christian population there dropped from 80 pct. to 20 pct. and continues to dwindle.

There is a large gap between theory and practice, Ms Hammar. The BDSs (boycott, disinvestment, sanctions) declared goal of non-violent protest and other pseudo-humanitarian statements all crumble when one examines what the BDS does and has done.

Most of the BDS activism is well documented to be violent and bullying harassment, not dissimilar to the events leading up to Kristallnacht in Germany of the 1930s. In South Africa, the BDS even sang Shoot the Jew at a protest. And if I may, what is a settlement product? No BDS leader can tell whether an Israeli-Palestinian product is a settlement product. Add to that some other simple scenarios an Israeli owned company with predominantly Christian Arab workers, an Israeli product consisting of Arab raw materials. I dont suppose you can tell either. It is far easier to support violence and sell banners to the masses, is it not?

I am sure that you and your flock are not even aware that the so-called Palestinians do not support the BDS. Just two days ago, a Palestinian electric company signed a 20-year contract with Israel to supply gas to the Palestinian Authority. Note that there were options to buy gas from Arab countries, instead of Israel. This is explicit proof that the BDS movement that you are selling to the flock is a corrupt and morally inept organization that is failing miserably, despite your claims of growth.

Lastly, you place a stumbling block before the blind, naively or not. Quoting Gideon Levy from Haaretz newspaper is a slap in the face of your readers. Mr Levy has been caught and reprimanded on more than one occasion for misrepresentation, bias and lies. Between you and me, your cunning attempt to employ a useful idiot falls flat.

Pending your intelligent response, you can only be classed as a transgressor of your own goals of non-violent means to bring peace and love. Your article, as it stands, is no more than an Anti-Semitic rant.

Ariel Ziv
Spotlighting [email protected]

Spotlighting is an organization that puts Anti-Israeli and Anti-Semitic leaders, events and rhetoric on public trial.


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Did you like this article? Good journalism costs money but due to constant attacks on our website we cannot have subscribers at the moment. We therefore hope that you will support us with an economic contribution.
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