Dispatch Internationel wishes a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

After a years hard work, Dispatch International takes a Christmas vacation. Well be back in fine shape on January 13.

It wont all be vacation. Our editors are going on a ten-day assignment to the Middle East. We rarely have time to leave our desks, but here is our chance.

Unless something spectacular happens, we wont publish anything between December 20 and January 13.

This doesnt mean that we have stopped working. We therefore hope that the kind people who have donated to Dispatch will remember us over Christmas and New Year.




Christmas is the festival of love and joy and we therefore wish to gladden the hearts of our readers with a few jokes ascribed to the Canadian comedian Jeff Foxworthy (we dont actually know if he wrote them)

Theyre about Muslims but its about time after all the jokes about Jesus, the pope, Christians, Jews, Poles and old white men, to mention a few.


Satire is proof that you respect your targets as fellow human beings and fellow citizens however much you may disagree with them.

Conversely, if you dare not poke fun at certain people, it is because you dont regard them as equals in human dignity but as something inferior.

Thats not how Dispatch looks at Muslims. We think of them as human beings among other human beings and so we want to brighten their day with a selection of Jeff Foxworthys best:


If you have more wives than teeth, you may be a Muslim.

If you wipe your bum with your bare hand but consider bacon to be unclean, you may be a Muslim.
If you cant think of anyone you havent declared jihad against, you may be a Muslim.
If you have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four, you may be a Muslim.


See you all on January 13.


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