Collection for opinion poll!

Help us find out what Swedes really think of immigration and multiculture. Dispatch International starts collection for a comprehensive opinion poll.

If one listens to Swedish politicians and media, one gathers that Swedes are perfectly happy with mass immigration, the state of integration, multiculture, the spread of Islam and Swedens pro-EU course.

One also gets the impression that public opposition to the governments and parliaments policies is due to a few ill-informed racists and right-wing extremists who the authorities and their allies in the media and among anti-fascists in the streets are morally justified to eliminate.

But is it true?


What do Swedes actually think about the issues that will determine the future of Sweden and the Swedes?

How many Swedes look with confidence to a Sweden where the indigenous population will become a minority in a few decades?

Do they believe that democracy, equality before the law, freedom of expression, equality between men and women and the rights of sexual minorities will survive Swedens demographic revolution?

Are they looking forward to their children growing up and living their lives in the new Sweden they see emerging?

We dont know. No opinion poll provides answers.


Dispatch International intends to get the answers.

As quickly as we can,?we intend to commission a comprehensive opinion poll from an internationally respected polling institute and have the results ready before the European elections on May 25.

In order to provide a basis for comparison, we intend to ask a representative selection of Danes how they view similar issues in Denmark.

That kind of a survey costs money, which Dispatch International doesnt have.

That is why we encourage our readers to donate so that we may carry out the project.

We are also seeking external funding.


If you would like to know what Swedes and Danes really think of immigration, integration, multiculture, the spread of Islam and the EU, please contribute.

Realistically, we ought to the financing in place by early February.


If you live in Sweden, you may deposit you contribution marked opinion poll to bankgiro: 113-4493


If you live outside Sweden, your contribution should be deposited to our account in Danske Bank, Copenhagen:

Account number 4310 0011147755

IBAN: DK3030000011147755



We will get back with up-dates during January and February.



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