ANALYSIS: Stormtroopers descend on Sweden

»Im the biggest swine around here and only have sex with Jews, read a sign hung on a woman in Nazi Germany. Now the Nazis apprentices in Sweden are using similar tactics to intimidate government opponents.


Observers of Swedish politics have long anticipated that the countrys only oppositional party, the Sweden Democrats, would be hit with a coordinated campaign in order to wreck the party before the up-coming parliamentary elections in September.

As the Sweden Democrats opinion polls keep rising and are now above 12 percent supporters of the status quo when it comes to mass immigration are clearly worried and have embarked on a campaign to take down the party.

The axe is being wielded by the newspaper Expressen in collaboration with the semi-official left extremist intelligence-gathering organization, the Research Group.


Their objective is to expose anonymous contributors to so-called hate sites i.e., sites that express opinions anathema to the ruling group of seven political parties or provide information that the ruling parties and their allies in the mainstream media and their far-left abettors do not want the public to know. In particular, the wrecking campaign is directed against individuals who have expressed non-state sanctioned opinions on immigration and Islam.


In practice it is impossible for critics of the seven-party line to be heard in the surface media, so a great number of Swedes have tried to get their opinions across by anonymously posting them at such sites as Exponerat, Avpixlat and Fria Tider. By means of penetrating the commenting system Disqus, the Research Group has succeeded in finding the mailing addresses of these anonymous commentators and Expressen has now started publishing their names and other personal information about them.


Expressen and the Research Group insist that they have broken no law in the process.


Clearly, the pronouncements of some of those that have been exposed are such that no regular newspaper would print them whether in Sweden or any other Western country.


But it has to be kept in mind that these are the voices of people whose opinions have been driven underground. These are the words of those who feel desperate and who would probably have spoken in more measured tones if they had had a chance to be heard in the mainstream media.


In other words, when a vast section of public opinion is excluded from being heard as has been the case in Sweden for decades this is what might have been expected.



There can be no doubt that Expressens aim is to ruin the lives and careers of those it is now hanging out to dry ­ and to frighten anyone else from voicing criticism of the governments failed immigration and integration policies. In other words, after stifling debate in the mainstream media, the Swedish political and media elite is now attempting to close the last outlets for anti-government speech.


And as Avpixlat comments,  Expressen has gone far beyond merely exposing its enemies. The papers journalists have approached private individuals in their homes, their places of work and even harassing their children in school. It no longer looks like persecution ­ it is persecution.


Expressen and its far-left collaborators are of course well aware of what they are exposing their victims to: They may lose their jobs or businesses, their families and friends, they will become vulnerable to physical attacks, their homes may be wrecked as has already happened. Some will undoubtedly despair and end up committing suicide.


Penetrating the Disqus commenting system may be legal in Sweden although Disqus has characterized the methods of the Research Group as a targeted attack.


In a statement dated December 10, Disqus VP Stephen Roy, describes the activities of the Research Group ­ without directly identifying it as a breach of our privacy guidelines. In all such cases, we are terminating the account.



It remains to be seen if the Research Group has acted in accordance with the Swedish rules on data confidentiality


What is certain, however, is that the method of harassing private individuals in order to frighten and silence political opponents is a totalitarian tactic that has been employed by various dictatorial regimes, including the German Nazis, who used to expose German women accused of having sex with Jews.


So far the campaign has worked wonderfully as the Sweden Democrats have taken the bait and started excluding party members exposed by Expressen and the Research Group. Thus the party leadership has turned against the victims of the campaign rather than against the totalitarian tactics used to paralyze it.

If youre an idiot, country bumpkin or racist, then perhaps you think that you belong in our party, says spokesperson Bylund to Swedish television.


This initial success will undoubtedly encourage Expressen to carry on.



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