EDITORIAL: Media are the real hate mongers

Before you join the screeching choir of judgment against the Sweden Democrats who have now been exposed making anonymous and stupid comments on various websites like Avpixlat remember this:

It is the media and the politicians in Sweden who have forced people into a culture of anonymity. They are now reaping the dragons teeth they sowed.

I learned my lesson back in the late 1980s, when I was one of the first journalists who covered the establishment of Hells Angels in Sweden. A Danish colleague gave me an invaluable piece of advice;

Never write under a pseudonym. Using your own name will keep you from exaggerating and speculating. That way, you will earn the respect of these potentially dangerous men.


This may be the best advice Ive ever gotten and Ive lived by it religiously. Not just in covering Hells Angels, but in every context. I never comment anonymously online, I write all my articles under my own name, and I stand by everything I write. If I make a mistake and become a little too trigger happy at times, I apologize and admit I was wrong, without reservation.

Now and again people ask me if I am in fact the pseudonym Julia Caesar. Why would anyone think that? Why would I have an alias when I publish under my own name all the time? But this is part of the whole conspiracy theory the one that the politically correct struggle to maintain every day. This is how it works: Some of the journalists, politicians and so-called experts are totally convinced that the people who dont share their opinions on immigration and Islam, are in fact Nazis/Fascists/racists. (Others just pretend to believe this, but the end result is the same.)

The only thing we dissidents are waiting for, is a chance to start building concentration camps to exterminate everyone who cant document eight generations of Swedishness. And in their struggle against all these imaginary Nazis/Fascists/racists, the politically correct will resort to any available means to expose us. Never mind that the politically correct methodology is in fact Nazi/Fascist/racist the end justifies the means. And this is why theyre all beside themselves with joy today, now that theyve proven what people like us are really thinking deep down inside: That unaccompanied refugee children should starve themselves to death, that it would be great if Shia and Sunni Muslims just killed each other off and so on.


People who are consistently accused of having opinions they really dont have, are afraid to speak their minds in public. Thus, they comment anonymously and the dangerous temptation I learned to stay away from is there in a flash: The temptation to throw another log on the fire, to speculate, to claim things you cant actually prove. Nobody can call you on it, because they dont know who you are.

The Swedish social debate is sick, completely insane. But that doesnt emanate from the frustrated Swedes who are told every day that we are worthless, and not allowed to have any say in matters like how our hard-earned tax money is spent on people who laugh in our faces because were stupid enough to give them their hearts every desire, and we should just sit idly by and watch quietly as illegal immigrants get benefits we ourselves could only dream of.

The anonymous and bitter debate that we see on, for example, Avpixlat has been born out of the frustration and the shaming of the ordinary tax -paying Swede. It is not an expression of rampant racism and Swedes hating everyone who comes to this country. Deep down, an overwhelming majority of Swedes are generous and empathetic towards people in need. It is when people not in need are allowed to break down the Swedish welfare state that frustration reaches its boiling point and stupid, misbegotten comments are hammered down on the keyboard.


You reap what you sow and as I said, the establishment is now reaping the dragons teeth.



My advice to Swedes who are worried about where this country is going is therefore to take a deep breath and then, to close their anonymous online accounts. If we are to make a change in Sweden, we must stand by our opinions, and set them forth in a wise, sane and thought out manner. The best way to achieve this is to always write under your own name. Believe me, it will save you from saying stupid things you are bound to regret some day.

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