EDITORIAL: Hitler would have been proud of the anti-racists

Hitler called it die Große Lüge the Big Lie. In Mein Kampf he explained how effective it is: The broad masses are always more ready to fall for big lies than for little ones because those who themselves use little lies on a daily basis cannot imagine that anyone would have the audacity to twist reality so completely. Hitler would have been proud of Swedens politicians and anti-racists.

ingridcarlqvistledare1Yesterday, December 8, Dagens Nyheter published a full-page advertisement for the book Invandring och mörkläggning en saklig rapport från en förryckt tid (Immigration and cover-up: A factual report from an insane time). It is written by professor Karl-Olof Arnstberg and journalist Gunnar Sandelin and appeared in April 2013. With no embellishment the authors describe Swedens immigration and its consequences and at Bokus.com the book is characterized as follows:

It lays bare the lies, the hypocrisy and the failure of integration that Swedish politicians, journalists and opinion-makers in a mixture of ignorance, cowardice and misdirected benevolence choose not to reveal to the Swedish people.


No publisher would touch it so the authors had to publish it themselves. Despite the absence of reviews in the mainstream media, it has sold almost 5000 copies but is not for sale in normal bookstores. People order it online and read it in secret.

In order to spread the book to more Swedes, the authors spent 115,000 kronor plus VAT on a full-page ad in Dagens Nyheter. The reaction was one of complete insanity. On Twitter, Facebook and other social media, the politically correct almost fainted how could the pc paper DN aid in informing the Swedish people about the tribulations it has so successfully helped to conceal for decades?


For many years the Big Lie has blanketed Sweden. Just as Hitler foretold, the great masses still believe it but more and more of us have begun to seek out the facts and spread the information. And now the masters of the Big Lie are seized by the Big Panic.


DN is called a racist newspaper (welcome to the club!) for having sold advertising space to the authors. Swedens Grand Inquisitor, the reverend Helle Klein, poured her morning coffee down the wrong throat and the Islamist Omar Mustafa who was kicked out of the Social Democratic leadership for being too crazy started fantasizing about Goebbels. And the usual gang of female Muslims gathered at Medborgarplatsen (the Citizens Square in Stockholm) to demonstrate against racism.


It goes without saying that the politically correct are not enraged because of lies. They are livid because Swedes are slowly awakening from the slumber of the Big Lie and are realizing that not only is the emperor naked, he is also sitting on top of a big elephant in the middle of the room.

The facts that Sandelin and Arnstberg present in their DN ad (and in their book) are quoted from unassailable sources like the Migration Board, Statistics Sweden, the association of Swedish municipalities and regions etc. The figures speak volumes.

But why are the politically correct afraid of the facts? Shouldnt they be jubilant that Sweden has handed out 1.1 million residence permits since 2000? After all, we do pride ourselves on being the worlds preeminent humanitarian power. Why would they think it wrong that 15 percent of the population (the immigrants) receives 60 percent of the public transfers when they keep arguing that Swedes have no right to their own tax money but should spread it among all needy people around the world?


Their problem is that they are perfectly aware that Swedens immigration and integration policies are being grossly mismanaged. Which is all right with them as long as the facts remain hidden from the population at large. Otherwise they would be exposed as liars taught by Hitler himself.

A Facebook group is now being formed with the intent of fashioning funeral pyres for Dagens Nyheter and the book Invandring och mörkläggning. Even that is a fine old Nazi tradition undeterred by Heinrich Heines (1797-1856) famous words: Where books are being burned humans will follow in the end.

Wouldnt it be much simpler if the politically correct admitted that they are the racists/Nazis/fascists instead of calling the rest of us by these names? And that it is for this reason they want to silence those of us who refuse to live by the Big Lie?

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