Interview with Lars Hedegaard

In a 30 minute-long interview, Lars Hedegaard, Chief Editor of Dispatch International and President of the Danish Free Press Society, tells why he puts his life on the line to defend free speech.

I do it because Im a historian and see it as my job to understand what happens in the world. What struck me at the end of the 1990s was that the longer Muslims had lived in Denmark, the less integrated they became. It shouldnt be that way.

It demanded an explanation. For more than ten years, Lars Hedegaard has resisted the threats against free speech that are now prevalent throughout the Western world. He considers the spread of Islam to be by far the most ominous menace to our civil rights a position that has earned him many enemies. In the mainstream media he has been ridiculed and slandered and on February 5, 2013, a Muslim tried to shoot him outside his home in Copenhagen. Since then he has been living at a secret address but nothing will make Lars Hedegaard give up the struggle he views as the most important in the world. In this interview Hedegaard explains what drives him and how he looks at the future.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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