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A new round in the current Swedish-Norwegian war that was started by immigrants in Sweden is now in full swing. The Norwegian daily Aftenposten thinks that the Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter does a bad job of servicing its readers by refusing to publish a rebuttal to a Swedish attack on Norway. This reminds me of how I was prevented from answering an attack in Helsingborgs Dagblad.


I have already written this a great number of times but is deserves to be repeated: Swedish journalists have totally forgotten that is their task to scrutinize power and are now spending all their time trying to indoctrinate their readers. The readers are punishing them by canceling their subscriptions and journalists are now the greatest threat to democracy in Sweden.


The fake historian Henrik Arnstad (who is now merely presented as an author, but the media still love him), wrote an article in Dagens Nyheter on October 14 on the theme Why Norway doesnt understand the danger of the governments racism. He claimed that Norwegian racism is unique in Europe and included Anders Behring Breivik as well as Vidkun Quisling in his attacks on Norway. In particular he pointed to the think tank Civita:

The hatred against the Roma [gypsies, ed.] does not only come from the FrP [The Progress Party] and Høyre [The Conservative Party]. The worst attacks have come from the liberal and influential think tank Civita. It has commissioned a report from one of its sociologists, Pål Veiden, stating that Roma ought have their children removed. Collectively the Roma differentiate themselves from other cultures by the fact that they refuse to work but prefer begging. That way they remain poor and are never integrated. I think it would be hugely beneficial if more Roma families had their children removed (VG 10/8).


Naturally Civita was keen to get a chance to refute this allegation, which is normal procedure at newspapers with any self-respect and sense of journalistic ethics. But not Dagens Nyheter. After a long mail exchange (whose purpose seems to have been to protract a decision until the rebuttal was no longer relevant), cultural editor Björn Wiman explained a month later! that DN had intended to publish Civitas rebuttal but wouldnt now that it had been published somewhere else.


But dont think this was some kind of work-related mishap. This is the way things are done at major Swedish newspapers. Almost a year ago Helsingborgs Dagblad published a completely unfounded attack on the Free Press Society and Dispatch International.  Under the headline The pattern of racism, the writer Mats Kolmisoppi claimed that Dispatch is a racist newspaper, that our employee Roger Sahlström had hit a black acquaintance with a bottle and that we foment the kind of hatred that leads to violent and criminal consequences. The latter remark was occasioned by the fact a member of The Free Press Societys board had pulled at a Muslim veil.


Of course Kolmisoppi is free think what he wants, but I tried to get a rebuttal in order to refute his many lies:



A real newspaper would of course have given space for a rebuttal. Here is my e-mail exchange with the papers cultural editor Gunnar Bergdahl:


I expect that you grant me space to refute Kolmosoppis mendacious accusations today. It is not true that we are racists, that we publish racist propaganda etc.
Ingrid Carlqvist


Gunnar Bergdahl answered:

There is no reason to grant you a rebuttal.

But how fortunate for us all that you live in Sweden with its constitutionally granted freedom of speech where you may freely print your opinions in your own newspaper as well as, e.g., the sd-kuriren.

Gunnar Bergdahl

Culture Editor


My response:
I cannot say that Im surprised. You have clearly demonstrated that in your paper it is permitted to vilify and slander and lie about others without giving them a chance to defend themselves. It is pathetic. And exceptionally cowardly. In addition to being bad journalistic form.

Ingrid Carlqvist

Thats the way they go about it at Swedish newspapers. They dont hesitate for a second before allowing people with the correct political opinion to write one lie after another but deny their victims the right of rebuttal.


Is it any wonder that they are loosing readers faster than anyone can say Ministry of Truth?


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  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    Being a Norwegian, I know that the allegations from those Swedish journalists are largely true. Norway nurtures a certain strict normality standard for how people shall be to be regarded as worthy, which is comparable to racism, and the children of people not adhering to the standard are really often taken away by instances profitting from from it.

    Regards Knut Holt

  • Mi GG

    Sorry Holt but you speak as you were 5 years old. Obviously every society in the world regard different people as worthy or unworthy according to some norms. But while you are bothered by extremely tolerant Norwegian norms, you seem not to be concerned when Muslims slaughter, abduct and prosecute their own community in order to maintained their worthiness